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David Zaritsky (an internal client)
President at PulseCX

The combination of business acumen, marketing savvy, and strategy RARELY go hand in hand with design and artistry. But somehow Jim has been able to capture all those characteristics into the embodiment of a stellar professional. Jim is one of those employees that you can have early in a concept discussion to help formulate smart strategies and then rely on him to execute and inform using insights to metamorphosize into amazing marketing initiatives. From a business approach Jim understands what drives a client and their goals and utilizes that understanding to inform how his work manifests itself into valuable tactics and campaigns. Jim is a force to be reckoned with and a thought leader that straddles many industries.

Carol Bross-McMahon (my immediate supervisor)
Vice President Public Relations at Forza Marketing

When you think of energy, creativity and dedication you think of Jim Madsen. Jim worked on my corporate marketing team for four years. Aside from really strong B2B campaign execution, Jim was also instrumental in developing core marketing processes for our department. Having grown from just the two of us to a team of 18 in just two years, Jim’s forward-thinking mindset helped us put tools, templates and processes in place so we were more nimble and could measure what we produced. Jim’s strengths run the gamut from core marketing strategy development to creative campaign design and execution. Since I’ve known him he’s never taken “we can’t” as an option and doesn’t let budget, time or organizational constraints stand in the way of getting marketing done. He’s one of a kind—a very genuine person.

Tom Hume (my immediate supervisor)
Director of Marketing – Digital Products Division at Toshiba

During my years at Gateway, I had the good fortune of having Jim Madsen on my advertising team. Jim is a smart, dedicated leader. His terrific attitude and follow-through won him many fans at Gateway and with our agency partners. Jim is extremely adept at delivering Mar Com projects before deadline and under budget, yet he never settles for anything less than first-class production quality. His deep understanding of creative production allows him to be a strong negotiator with vendors. Plus his vendors know they can trust Jim to provide accurate information and use his extensive internal company relationships to rapidly gain approvals. Jim moves at the “speed of trust.” I would absolutely hire Jim again if given the opportunity.

James Barry (leadership team peer)
Director, Inside Sales/Lead Generation at Harte Hanks

Everyone likes to work with smart, energetic, upbeat professionals – that is why everyone LOVES to work with Jim Madsen. Not only does he manage projects to the upmost detail, he has fun doing it and makes it fun for everyone involved. His vast knowledge of marketing allows him to bring additional insight and provocative ideas to the table. Anyone who has worked with Jim would recognize his “but what if we…..” thought process, that inspires you to think beyond the proverbial box. Jim is energetic, hard working and a pure pleasure to work with. How many people can you truly say that about?!

Craig Dreibelbis (leadership team peer)
Manager of Business Operations at Cox Communications

Jim Madsen became an immediate asset to Cox Media and the leadership team the minute he started. His strategic thinking, marketing acumen and creativity steered Cox Media to new directions and new ways of thinking. Jim made both the marketing and production departments driving forces to bring in revenue unlike they had ever been before. Jim’s leadership ability, energy and enthusiasm enable him to create, develop and grow robust teams. He motivates his teams and sets them up to succeed. I would highly recommend Jim Madsen to any organization.

Cutch Armstrong (leadership team peer)
Director of Marketing & Client Solutions – Cox Media Virginia

Though one may believe they fully appreciated Jim Madsen while working with him, it’s even more apparent when that span of time has passed. Though it’s been several years since we worked together (though separated by 1,300 miles), his influence is still felt in Cox Media to this day. Several of his strategies and tactical methods are weaved into Cox Media’s marketing, research, and production culture to this day, even if there are only a few of us who remember it was Jim who led them. He is bright, funny, and gifted with many talents. To have worked with him is to recommend him with the highest regard.

Amber R. Dunn (leadership team peer)
Director of Operations at Connections Education

Jim is a highly motivated and qualified professional with experience in all aspects of Marketing. Jim and I recently completed the implementation of a marketing email automation application with integration in our CRM. Jim was excited to learn more about the technology portion and asked the needed questions when uncertain. His creativity and energy relating to our tradeshow branding is unmatched, especially with the use of integrating social media.

Jim Adams
Commercial Producer at Cox Media (A direct report I managed)

Jim’s impact on our production team still resonates today. We are more creative, more professional, more integrated with the greater sales team, and better equipped to sit at the “big boys table” in advertising — because of his influence on our team. He showed us that we are each capable of producing national-caliber work. Jim broadened our understanding of marketing, of brand-building, of giving the client more than they know to ask for. And his ability to sell clients on ideas – that came with a larger commitment and investment than they ever imagined they would make — still amazes me to this day.

Jeff Cowens, MBA (A direct report I managed)
Director of Audience Development at The Commercial Appeal

Harte-Hanks was what I considered my first “real” job out of college and having Jim as my supervisor made it a lot easier! His open door allowed me to get many questions answered before I made the wrong decision. I learned a lot from him in regards to list building, email marketing and direct mail marketing. He worked closely with me to create B2B campaigns that resulted in strong responses and large webinar attendance. Jim is dependable, smart and gets results. His ability to form relationships with anyone inside and outside of the company was a direct reflection on his attitude and humor.