Jim Madsen

A pretty good
marketing guy

Okay, let’s get one thing straight before we go any farther. I AM NOT JOB HUNTING, I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A JOB, I AM DIGGING LIFE WITH MY CURRENT EMPLOYER.

Are we clear on that? Not looking. Not now, not ever. I absolutely hands down love my day job.

“But Jim – why do you have a resume site?”

Valid question. Because back when I WAS looking for a job, this became very useful. And it’s developed its own organic SEO traction. So it would be silly to toss that away, understanding how hard it is to get that in the first place.

Okay – are we all clear? Love my job, not looking, etc.

Great – now feel free to poke around and see what’s shaking. Remember to hit me up at our music production site Singing Dog Studios, or our blues band site Big Train and the Loco Motives.

Besides, this site template came with some cool pics and I thought “What the hell, it would be fun to have a whole page with them.”

So I did.

Image description

I know what you’re thinking. “Man, those were some cool pictures that came standard with the template. Sure am glad that he added them in there. Wowza.”

You’re welcome.

Okay – wanna see the rest of the stuff? Just click on the menu items at the top of the page and it will take you there. Spoiler Alert: it’s pretty boring.

Oh yeah…do you want the Cliff Notes version and want to skip everything else?

Just watch the video below. Everything you need to know in 1:34.